We ran a consultation survey asking young people in Highland about their sexual health & relationship education experiences and needs.

The purpose of the survey was mainly to inform the development of our education resources. We had a staggering 1,195 young people from all areas of Highland respond and, due to the substantial amount of information we were able to collate, we decided to publish a report with our findings.

With the Scottish Government having commissioned a new Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education (RSHPE) curriculum due to be launched next year, the information we have gathered is currently very relevant and our results support the inclusion of young people in such developments to ensure their needs are met.

Our findings show that young people want to talk about their sexual health more, need access to accurate and relevant information, and would like support from sexual health experts such as Wave where possible.

DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT HERE: What Young People Want – the RSHPE experiences and needs of young people in Highland.